Players from all over the world have decided to unite to defend our interests and to be able to influence, to improve the OSM game.
Join the current initiative, refusing to play APP battles until TIMERS, funds compensation and secret trainings disappear.


  1. It would be cool if Croatian could be added at some point too 🙂

    1. Hi.

      It is nice to be here with people who want to save our beloved game in some way. I hope that we will attract more managers to communicate on this forum and thus prevent SpeciaOne from destroying the game.

  2. Neste momento, existem 235 grupos que apoiam, a iniciativa de boicotar as batalhas da app, precisamos de todo o apoio possível, para conseguir reverter as decisões da GB que tornaram o jogo, injusto e desinteressante.
    Vem juntar-te a nós!! Contamos com o teu apoio!!!

  3. Managers Quotes

    “We as consumers have certainly been mislead. It would be much more honest by Gamebasics to simply inform us that they wanted to try timers and boss coin compensation in 10db for a while. Make it their own decision rather than this.”


  4. Managers Quotes

    “but sorry what are you talking about? this is not an adult discourse. do we have to give GameBasic suggestions on how to make cash? are we salaried to work with them? the game already includes Advertising, closed doors, retreats, scouts etc. etc., all things that make money. but duels were the only balanced way”

    🇮🇹Peppe Salis

  5. Managers Quotes

    “And who is to blame for a low interest from managers in that Survey?This is how these things unfortunately works. We must continue to convince them that for us these competitions are very important ant without them is no fun in the game but we must be united and more than 50 managers involved in this.”


  6. Managers Quotes

    “The red and green ticket days are well and truly gone. Still had to pay but very cheap. I know people don’t mind paying to play OSM, but playing it how it is now is becoming is to expensive for the average workman. This is coming from someone who is at a crew at the top of this app battle ranking table at the minute.”

    🇬🇧Jeffro Davies

  7. Managers Quotes

    “I honestly do not understand why they come here to say that they have no problem with the new changes to APP battles! Didn’t the old battles take us away ??? Now this too ?? When we remove from the game the fact that the quality of a group and its tactics are no longer enough to win, giving the opportunity for those who have more money to win, that game starts to lose all interest! Honestly my desire to play has never been so low and like many I will also stop playing APP battles, because I am still free to decide what I want for myself when I do not agree with what is happening. If gamebasics doesn’t want us here, have the courage to tell us! To tell us that this game has become more than ever to think about money and never about who has already made this game a part of their lives in the last few years and give rich boys the victories they don’t get in an equal game. And never forget, without us you would never be ANYTHING. Sorry, for my English!”

  8. Managers Quotes

    “I think the list is growing by the day.
    In the French community alone, 30 teams are boycotting.
    Gamebasic knows it very well and that’s concrete 90% of the crews to whom I explain the new maj osm disapproves and boycott it.
    The poll was in English, which is not the mother tongue of the rest of the world.
    Do a poll with a choice of language and the results will not be the same.
    But gamebasic will never do that.
    In the meantime we continue to boycott as long as necessary and every day new teams join us on the server fr.
    Every community should do the same”

    🇧🇪 Johnnyjohnjohn

  9. Managers Quotes

    “So we are leading the community in the wrong way? Hmm, interesting. I wonder why are those who are voting for such changes always silent on the forums, why arent they comming here to show us the right way and explain to us why do they think it is fair and acceptable to waste so many coins in a competition that should be based on skill and not on money.”

    🇭🇷 Majtor Matt

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