Dankeschön für die Idee und Umsetzung dieser Plattform

My name is Pit, ingame “legendenpfleger.” Yeah, this forum gonna take some getting used to. But it is very clearly arranged and I have the possibility to communicate in my mother tongue. It is also possible for us to work out a plan here, so that we can face the plans of GB in an organized way, without fear of reprisals. Many of you were already active before the game was changed to the 3.0 version. We got “bloody noses” and had the feeling of powerlessness and no chance to have a say. I remember very well that many of the old crews were forced to disband out of frustration with the new features. So let’s use the basis of this new forum to develop new ideas how to make ourselves heard in our common fight for the previous Battlesystem and against “Pay to win” at GB. I am looking forward to it!